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Coronation Street 50th Anniversary Deaths
It has made the big 50! Coronation Street has lasted an amazing 50 years, and is the longest running TV show anywhere in the world. Coronation Street is to mark its 50th anniversary with the biggest bloodbath in its history. The explosive storyline - in which a tram careers off the Weatherfield viadcut - will kill off many of the soap's biggest stars. Jack Duckworth is one Coronation Street giant that will die. But, it's not all bad news, big names will be returning to the Street, including: Hilda Ogden, Reg Holdsworth, Mavis Wilton, Curly Watts, Tracy Barlow, as well as a guest appearance by Oasis star Noel Gallagher!

Cornation Street: The First Fifty Years is the definitive book on five decades of life on the Street and no fan of the show would want to be without it. If you want Coronation Street on your TV anytime you want, you need to watch all the great episodes from the last 50 years, with all the famous characters that have walked down the cobbles. The Coronation Street: Golden Anniversary DVD Collection is essential viewing for any fan, and features many special treats from the world of Corrie.

Do you love Coronation Street?
Do you never miss an episode of your favourite soap? Corrie is a national institution, and one of England's great exports. It is now in it's 50th year. Can you imagine any other soap opera lasting that long, or being as popular as Coronation Street. What has kept it so fresh and running on our TV screens for 5 decades. Is it the storylines, the wonderful characters, the location, the sense of family it potrays (because we all feel part of Corrie), or a little bit of everything.

About Coronation Street
Coronation Street is the award winning British soap opera. It is the longest-running television soap opera in the United Kingdom, first broadcast on Friday 9 December 1960 in the Granada region of ITV. The programme is consistently one of the highest-rated programmes on British television.

Coronation Street (commonly nicknamed and written as Corrie or the Street) is set in a fictional street in Weatherfield, a fictional suburb of Manchester. Coronation Street itself consists of a row of seven early 20th century terraced houses on its northern side with a public house, the Rovers Return Inn, at one end, and a corner shop at the other. The southern side of the street consists of a factory, two shop units, a garage and three houses, all constructed in the late 1980s. The programme also incorporates the residents of neighbouring streets, including Rosamund Street, Victoria Street, and Viaduct Street.

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List of current characters in Coronation Street 2010
Ken Barlow | Emily Bishop | Rita Sullivan | Betty Williams | Deirdre Barlow | Blanche Hunt (R.I.P) | Gail Platt | Jack Duckworth | Audrey Roberts | Kevin Webster | Bill Webster | Sally Webster | Liz Tomlin | Steve McDonald | Rosie Webster | David Platt | Norris Cole | Sophie Webster | Roy Cropper | Ashley Peacock | Janice Battersby | Leanne Battersby | Tyrone Dobbs | Dev Alahan | Eileen Grimshaw | Maria Connor | Kirk Sutherland | Jason Grimshaw | Paul Clayton | Fiz Brown | Claire Peacock | Joshua Peacock | Sean Tully | Chesney Battersby-Brown | Amy Barlow | Jamie Baldwin | Kelly Crabtree | Violet Wilson | Lloyd Mullaney | Molly Compton | Amber Kalirai | Vernon Tomlin | Becky Granger | Michelle Connor | Freddie Peacock | Ryan Connor | Carla Connor | Doreen Fenwick | Wiki Dankowska | Jerry Morton | Mel Morton | Darryl Morton | Kayleigh Morton | Finlay Bryant | Lauren Wilson | Dan Mason | Harry Mason | Nick Neeson | Alex Neeson | Becky Granger | Tony Gordon | Tina McIntyre


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